They Also Serve

Jonny Owen Jonny Owen
Harmonica ace and singer, many guest appearances throughout band history. Check out that harp solo in Ton Ton Macoutes! Now plays with a band called Walking Wounded who have a residency in East London. Caro's brother.

Barbara Dore Barbara Doré
Avid band supporter, organizer and occasional backing vocalist, including for a few early gigs. Tony's wife.

Julie Dore Julie Doré
Haunting, breathy vocalist who doesn't sing nearly enough! Contributor to backing vocals at various times in band's history. Tony's sister.

Davey Galt Davey Galt
Lead guitarist. Plays with Tony in the company rock band, the Gexpistols. He can play guitar both left and right handed. Davey joined the band for the TCJ 2018 Reunion tour; he also plays guitar with The Zarrs.

Emilio Garciacaro Emilio Garciacaro
Fine bassist, guitarist and vocalist, originally from Venezuela. Became Tony’s jamming buddy in Houston, and added bass and vocal parts to Fall Away Like Leaves.

Rob Jones Rob Jones
Accomplished electric guitarist and all-round musician, a frequent jammer with the band in the 80s. Contributed most of the drum programming on Fall Away Like Leaves, not to mention the magnificent guitar solo in the song "Retrospect". Rod's brother.

Steve Rodford Steve Rodford
The wonderfully versatile Zombies and occasional Blue Bishops drummer. Special guest on several songs in "The Festival at the End of the World".