The Festival at the End of the World

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A contemporary collection from Simon Burrett and Tony Doré.

Tony founded the 70s psych-folk outfit Tony, Caro and John, whose homespun album All On The First Day is now being re-released for the third time. Simon joined the original gigging TCJ band and is a regular performer today with his rock band the Blue Bishops. After more years than they care to count, Tony and Simon found to their amazement that they could write together and wondered why they took so long to get round to it.

The results are unashamedly eclectic, with some of the old TCJ dreamy resonance, but with a modern spin. Unlike any previous songs written by the pair, some of the songs inhabit characters unrelated to the writers (they hope) - like twilight-ish heroines, professional assassins and online addicts. Guests include the Zombies drummer Steve Rodford, and Caro Clark and Rod Jones from TCJ times.

Simon & Tony hope you have as much fun listening to the album as they did making it. It may be the End Of The World, but let's make the most of the Festival, where time is moving sideways and nothing really dies . . . . .