Fall Away Like Leaves

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Sleeve Notes

With this album I wanted to recapture some of the naivety and experimentalism of "All on the First Day" and avoid some modern technological traps, for example overproduction, "easy" effects and floods of synthetic sound. At the same time, I have to admit that without digital technology the trans-Atlantic recording process Rod and I used would have been impossible.

These tracks were mainly conceived over a four-year period but most of the recording was done in a burst of energy in 2010. Typically I would sketch out the track on my digital recorder here in Texas, and mail it to Rod so that next time I visited him in Correze, France we could complete the tracks with his better system (and, I must add, greater technical ability). Techniques such as sampling also allowed us to simulate some instruments we just didn't have, for example Rod's mellotron on "1999 Eclipse"

As you can see from the credits, as usual this album is a family affair. They all got roped in. My wife Barbara and daughter Jenny are there, as are Rod's brother Rob and sister-in-law Mel. (Rob, that solo on "Retrospect" still gives me shivers!). My scarily talented friend Simon Burrett from Forever and Ever and The Blue Bishops guests on several tracks, as does Emilio Garciacaro, a great Venezuelan musician I met here in Houston. His jazzy bass made me look at "Breakdown" a whole ‘nother way, as they say in Texas.

Also – as per usual – there aren't too many conventional love songs in here. The songs document a range of my current preoccupations, ranging from tragic reality stars ("Condemned to Life") to religious mania ("Breakdown") to Native American shamans ("Skinwalker"). But if you're really interested in where these songs are coming from, you might check out "My Brain". Having said all that, I'm pleased that the album is at least bracketed at the start and end by love songs...and by implication by two of the people who have been - and remain - most important to me; John and Barbara, this album's for you.


All tracks composed by Tony Doré, copyright 2010. Produced, recorded and engineered by Rod and Tony in Houston, USA and Correze, Limousin, France, 2009-2010.

Grateful thanks for hospitality, support and patience: Barbara Doré, Lin Jones, Tony Lambright. Track 12, recorded in skeleton form in 2004, and the fragment of a 2002 jam at the end of track 13 both feature our much missed friend John Clark on his beloved Ricky bass.