There Are No Greater Heroes

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You followers of that happiness
That sweetly severs your blinkered brain
Who avoid the paths of chaos
And reduce life to a plane
Observe the ones who shun the hearth
And walk out in the rain
Their eyes like headlights blazing
Through the tightening rings of pain
There are no greater heroes
Than these.

Through the deep sea-canyons
Of the ocean of despair
Through the lonely constellations
They are wandering into the rarifying air
There are no greater heroes
Than these.

Look at them with wonder
From your comfort and your ease
For these are no greater heroes
Than these.

When your death-flash cracks like thunder
Even then you'll hardly see
When your life line snaps asunder
You will fall away like leaves

And the years will tread you under
Till you blend into the peat
But take a long last look in wonder
At these others who your pleasures have beaten down
For there are no greater heroes
Than these