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We saw them streaming out of town
Sunset glowing red
We asked them what the game was
The game is up, they said
The canary's in the sawdust
The ravens have all fled
There's not a soul left here in town

Hey, hey I thought I heard you pray
I thought I saw you kneeling down
Hey, hey I thought I heard you say
Orders coming straight down
Heading for a breakdown

It crept through in a freighter
Under cover of the night
It woke up in a basement
When it knew the time was right
Time for revelation, time to seek the light
Time to bring the whole thing down


Now evolution made us, and evolution shamed us
Beauty's all around us, so we stare down at our feet
The universe is blazing, existence is amazing
What else do we need?
What else do we need?

My daddy was a fighting man
Who didn't know his place
Had a belly full of shrapnel
And a battered boxer's face
He kept me out of battle
To protect me from disgrace
But now the war has come to town

(Chorus, Bridge)

And those of us without a god
We sit and watch the view
And all of the believers
Well their god is silent too
And everybody stands around
And wonders what to do
Waiting till the walls come down