Love You Less

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Can't fathom out the reason
Why the season's dark and drear
But it makes me feel much better
Just to know that you are near

When I'm broken hearted
When life is full of strain
When the chemistry of the season floods my brain
You know me very well love
You've lived long with this mess
And when I see love nowhere
Don't think I love you less

You seldom question what I do
You never play that game
But when I'd down you believe that you're to blame
And take upon your shoulders
Every doubt that I express
But when I doubt what love is
Doesn't mean I love you less

I had a shining letter
But I couldn't crack the code
But you made me feel much better
‘Bout travelling down this road
And when I'm in the forest
Full of darkness and decay
I find you waiting
And you turn to me and say..

(And you say)
If somebody loves you
Let nothing intervene
Think twice before you shatter all her dreams
Everyone needs someone
Who they don't need to impress
The cloud will break so please don't make
Her think you love her less