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O Lydia what're you doing?
O Lydia can't you see?
That you're leaving a trail of ruin, pursuing
Anybody who sees through your mystery
Why'd you leave us all adrift in hostile seas?
Now no one will follow you, not even me

O Lydia where're you going
With your mouth like a carnivore?
And your bitterness overflowing, knowing
That the armies are out preparing for war
O Lydia what d'you find at night when you close the door?
What dark in there sends you back out worse than before?

O Lydia who're you seeing
With your eyes of fractured black?
Did it penetrate to your being, peering
In the mirror I held up, as I fought back?
Did the shard in your heart really smart as you made to attack
Banging on my door at night like some maniac?

O Lydia, O Lydia

O Lydia now you're leaving
You've got nobody else to blame
Did you think that you could deceive me?
Believe me
All the heartache and pain began when you came
There's no victory for me as I stand in the rain
And see the city sheds its grime and shines again

O Lydia, O Lydia