Milk and Honey

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O the general he says to
His company of men
Met some people with a good plan
Time to change the plan again
Their bridles are silver
Their saddles are gold
And the worth of their promise
Has never been told

Show my new friends round the town
Tell the people that I've found ... Milk and Honey

Well the general told his company
No harm will befall
Turn the mike on, roll the cameras
Cos we're gonna film it all
On your toes now, at the double
Cos we've got to turn it round
Turned the tape on, took his shirt off
Then he pulled his pants down

His fixers watched and tried to figure
If I'd be the first to snigger
‘Cause this ain't funny ... it's Milk and Honey

Well the courtier he rushed in
And his eyes were full of tears
With pointers and flipcharts
Just falling round his ears
The general says get outta here
And he sends him down the track
Then the sergeant twirls his magnum
And he plugs him in the back

The sergeant feels a sudden pain
The captain wipes his ice-pick clean ... for Milk and Honey

Now our new friends have departed
And the whole court's gone bust
I've seen them on the corner
Just begging for a crust
And the general in his bath-chair
Can't remember anything
While his saviours sip daiquiris
And practise their swing

Cos when this host ran out of luck
Another sucker stepped right up ... for Milk and Honey