My Brain

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My brain's begun to cause me consternation
All it ever does is moan and groan
And it seems to want to run the conversation
My brain has a mind of its own

My brain is always trying to get attention
When I need to talk to someone on the phone
By bringing up stuff I hardly dare to mention
Yes my brain has a mind of its own

When I want to work it keeps trying to distract me
When I try to think it just turns off the light
When I speak my mind it likes to contradict me
When I need to sleep it wants to talk all night

When I get things wrong it tells me I'm a loser
It reminds me that my faults are all well known
If I'm feeling good it tells my I'm a poser
Yes my brain has a mind of its own

I've roamed the world and lived in fancy houses
In England Scotland Norway USA
But my brain likes to live in my trousers
And it just don't seem to want to move away

It tells me I've got lots of rare diseases
But the doctor he just shrugs and sends me home
I guess it does just what the hell it pleases
Yes my brain has a mind of its own