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You said “take me as I am” babe
But I don't want that kind of girl
You thought I'd stick forever
On the fringe of your social whirl
I wanted someone I could respect
But in retrospect I realize
That cause was lost

Now I try to make a little conversation
But you just want to talk about drugs all the time
Sometimes I wonder baby
If there's anything else on your mind
I've been waiting here far too long
I know there's something wrong, but I don't know
What to do

You take pains to explain babe
How good things are
But your eyes belie the sacrifice
You've made and you try too hard
Tell that boy in the corner
He'll listen for sure
But don't tell it to me babe I've heard it too much before

Cos you're doing so much stuff girl
That I'm fearful for your health
And sometimes I really wonder
If your brain can still function by itself
Your eyes are glass, your eyes are pools
And everything I say I feel a fool, oh baby
I've got to go

I'm through with this scene girl
Don't try to cajole
We're both trapped in this dream world
We're dancing out of control
Now call me a wallflower
But I can't move anymore
I'll just sit and watch you dance
But don't drag me out on that floor

I need to be a different man now
And I hope I make it through
I'm trying to do the best I can now
But I just can't do it with you
I wanted someone I could respect
But in retrospect I realize
That chance has gone