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Those who break this silence
And speak the name of the dead
Summon you instead
These red, arid mountains
Dried up the waters
Inside your head
And left an empty river bed

Over the kingdom
Throughout the land
This wind is carving
Shapes in the sand
Fly down Skinwalker
Your time's at hand
Fly down Skinwalker

Strange constellations
Are in the heavens tonight
Dark birds take flight
Each new sensation
Is jaded on your tongue
They say you're right
But they're obviously wrong

This dark you cradle
Spreads to the world
Shuts out the shadows
Blots out the sun
Fly down Skinwalker
Your time has come
Fly down Skinwalker

Two spheres of metal
Make a ball of light
Nowhere to settle
No time to run
Fly high Skinwalker
Your work is done
Fly high Skinwalker
To the sun