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Before the word drew nigh here
The news was in my head
The sky was full of vapour trails
The sun shone bloody red
"Will we really die here?"
A passing stranger said
I said "I don't know
But I must be getting home"

The sun poured forth a million volts
Of disdain on the land
The sky was full of nuts and bolts
Which moved at some command
John chain-smoked by the radio
A pencil in his hand
Then my lover walks in
And sits down as in a trance

Let's go to bed I say then
She follows right away
She is in the bathroom
As the sky begins to grey
"Will we really die here?"
I hear my lover say
In my arms she cries
And I wonder why I'm here A

Will we really die here?
The words run through my head
Will we really die here?
Or are we already dead?
I turned to see here standing there
"Please come to bed," she said
And I moved to her through
The growing haze of red