Sargasso Sea

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I held you as an Amazon, you held me as a tree
Like a shark our ship slid slowly through the glassy sea
I thought this was forever as we forged into the night
But soon the stars grew unfamiliar and we left the Northern Lights
When I quarrelled with the helmsman the lode swung crazily
And like a wild black horse our ship changed course for the Sargasso Sea

Used to think I had a charmed life, thought I held the deal
Thought that I was jungle boy with magic at my heels
Thought I was the tiger with such symmetry of form
That with inborn skills I'd balance, still, upon the wildest storm
Felt like I was the songbird choir arrayed upon the trees
To chime a splendid descant to the voices of the sea

But now the cracks are appearing and my tissues fill with rain
Trouble's eyes are rearing – my face is taut with pain
And a deeper hurt inside me is clenching up my brow
As the ones I hoped would guide me twist me round and round
I don't look into mirrors now, I'm scared what I might see
And every course is leading to Sargasso Sea

Now the elements are laughing – this is no natural lull
The victims of the maelstrom are clawing at the hull
And a leather winged figure is dancing on the deep
Y'know I thought I was Magellan 'till I woke up from this sleep
But I'm just an Ancient Mariner – to sink is part of me
And I must be gone to my wanderings on through Sargasso Sea