Forever & Ever
(2001)  Self-released on CD-R.

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Track list and credits:

Track (composed by)
Ageing Hippies (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,keyboard (pads);   Simon: vocals,keyboard (bass),electric guitar.

Pretty Saro (Traditional Arr. Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,acoustic guitars;   Caro: vocals;   John: bass.

Eleusis (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,bazouki,electric guitar,keyboard (vibes);   John: bass.

Zero Sum Game (Tony Doré, Rod Jones)
Tony: vocals, keyboard, percussion;   Rod: keyboard, readings from Studio Sound;   Simon: vocals, electric guitar;   John: bass.

Suspended In Time (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals, keyboard,percussion;   Simon: vocals,electric guitar;   John: bass.

Plain Jane (Tony Doré, Simon Burrett)
Tony: vocals,acoustic guitar,keyboard;   Simon: vocals,keyboard;   John: bass.

Where Life Runs Thin (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,acoustic guitar,keyboard;   Simon Burrett: vocals,electric guitar,keyboard (bass);  

Throw Down A Line (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,acoustic guitar,keyboard;   Simon Burrett: electric guitar;   Caroline DorĂ©: vocals;   Jonny Owen: vocals, harmonica;   Rod: keyboard;   John: bass.

Cinquefoil And Tormentil (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,bazouki,acoustic guitar,keyboard;   Simon: electric guitars;   Rod: keyboard;   John: bass.

Hugh Miller's Gun (Tony Doré, Rod Jones)
Tony: vocals,keyboard,percussion;   Simon: vocals,electric guitar,percussion;   Rod: keyboard,drum & sequence programming;   John: bass.

Intensive Care (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,electric guitar,keyboard;   John: bass.

Ton Ton Macoutes (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,acoustic guitar,electric guitar;   Caro: vocals;   John: bass;   Simon: electric guitar;   Rod: keyboard;   Jonny Owen: vocals, harmonica.

Workers' Playtime (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,acoustic guitar,electric guitar,bazouki;   Simon: vocals;   Rod: keyboard, vocals;   John: bass.

Forever And Ever (Tony Doré)
Tony: vocals,electric guitar;   Caro: vocals;   John: bass;   Simon: vocals,electric guitar;   Julie Doré: vocals.