2018 Tour

To accompany the third re-release on Tapete Records of their 70s home-made album “All On The First Day”, TCJ were persuaded to dust off their instruments and do a mini-tour, with Spring 2018 dates in London, Cologne and Hamburg. Despite the rustiness, the enthusiastic response from a fairly young audience to this old hippie music was wonderful.

Tony and Caro were joined on the tour by Caro’s brother Jonny Owen (harmonia jew`s harp and vocals), Davy Galt from London band the J45s (lead electric guitar and mandolin) and Cologne musician Felix Hedderich (bass and vocals). We were lucky enough to get a full soundboard and video of the London gig at the Café OTO, so look out for more released material soon.

Thanks to all of you who came and to those of you who didn’t, ENJOY the videos.